COMET Documentation for CDF

Instructional materials and guidelines for COMET for use as part of ESA Concurrent Design Facility studies. Guidelines are available for various CDF Study roles.

Domain Expert Assistant System Engineer / System Engineer Advanced

This site is a work in progress


The purpose of this knowledge base is to provide a maintainable resource in which ESA CDF team members can find instruction in the use of COMET to support their role as part of a CDF study.

Using the Knowledge Base

  • Please use the sidebar on the left-hand side to navigate.
  • The knowledge base is indexed and searchable. Please use the search bar at the top of each page to search the knowledge base for a specific term.
  • The knowledge base is a living resource. Therefore the content (and structure) of this knowledge base will change over time.

Availability and Dissemination

  • The COMET Documentation for CDF is focused on supporting the use of COMET as part of the ESA CDF. However the information provided in this knowledge base has been made openly available for others to use. It is provided without warranty of any kind.


All users of the ESA MBSE Knowledge Base are strongly encouraged to contribute. Please see the Contributing section for more information.

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This site is a work in progress